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The most unbearable sound in the world is the sound of a baby crying. Even if it is someone else’s baby it is tough to bear. And if it is your own it can really make you cry. You want to know what is wrong. Why is your baby crying? And when you start thinking of reasons – the first reason you can think of – is hunger. So your baby is hungry. As a loving, responsible conscientious parent – the least you can do is – arrange for food. But you just gave your baby a feed. Then why is your baby crying? The next most logical conclusion then is that – the feed was not enough. So your baby needs more breast milk. And you need to produce more breast milk. So what do you do? What can I do to produce more breast milk for my baby? You ask.

There is very little you can do to increase breast milk production. The amount of breast milk produced by your breasts is controlled by your baby.

If you want to increase breast milk production – understand that you need to hand over control to your baby.

The amount of breast milk produced depends on the hunger of your baby. The more milk your baby demands by crying and suckling the more milk your breasts will produce. The production of breast milk production is based on demand and supply. If there is more demand – your breasts will produce more milk.

How Will Your Breasts Know That Your Baby Is Hungry?

There is a very intricate mechanism that converts the sound of your baby’s crying into a signal that your brain interprets as a signal to produce and deliver more milk.

The need for more breast milk is also conveyed by your baby to your breast by suckling. Your baby suckles and suckles in the hope of bringing out more milk – your breasts reward your baby by producing and delivering more milk.

This is the process defined and perfected by nature.

Do not interfere in this process by giving your baby formula feeds.

If you feed your baby formula – your baby will not be hungry and will not demand milk.

Your breasts interpret the reduced hunger as a signal to produce less milk.

You will produce less and less milk and at one point will have to shift your baby entirely to bottle feeds.

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