How to give your teenager space while staying connected

When children grow into teenagers – they begin to ask their parents for space. And when they ask for space their parents get mighty confused because it is difficult to let go and give a teenager space.

“What space?” they ask

“How do I give my child space?”

Yes – it is difficult to give a child who has been a part of you “space”.

As an involved parent you have probably been part of every thought and action of your child ever since he was born. There has probably been nothing you have not known about him in the years since he was born and so it is difficult to imagine distancing yourself from your child and giving him “space”

So if you ask “What space?” and “How do I give my child space?” your questions are definitely justified. And the answers to those questions need to come from your teenager

So when your child asks for space ask him where he needs the space and what decisions he wants to make his own without your knowledge

Of course if you ask him for his opinion you may find that some of his demands are actually quiet unreasonable but it is still advisable to ask him because when you ask him at least you will know what your teenager is thinking and feeling and needing

If you think that your teenager is asking for more freedom than he can handle discuss strategies on how he will manage in various scenarios and help him with ideas and suggestions.

Also make sure that you let him know that even though you have given him space and freedom, you will always be there for him to reach out to in case he needs help

Keeping the channels of communication open with your teenager will ensure that your teenager will remain safe even when you are not around and so you can stop worrying

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