What happens when you stay hungry until your child eats?

What happens when you stay hungry until your child eats?

Your child is a gift. And as soon as you hold your little baby in your arms you decide that you will do whatever it takes to give your child everything he/she needs. You are willing to make every sacrifice necessary to give your child all that he/she needs.

But – what does a little child need?

Besides the security and cleanliness of home which is usually a given in the life of your child – the only thing that you can consistently offer – every day and all through the day to satisfy your urge to be the nurturer and provider – is food.

So for a lot of parents food becomes a way for them to justify to themselves that they are good parents and are adequately nurturing and providing for this very precious gift in their lives

And so when their child refuses to eat what they are offering – they are plunged into a vortex of guilt.

They blame themselves for not being able to feed their children and try to punish themselves to compensate for the guilt by starving themselves and staying hungry until their child eats.

Not eating until your child eats – starving yourself until your child eats – seems like the ideal thing to do. It seems like the righteous thing to do in the face of your guilt – but it does not help at all.

If you are hungry – eat

Relish your food

When your child watches you eat with gusto – it will stimulate his senses. The smell of the food, the sight of you eating and the sound of you chewing will make him hungry too.

When you eat your meal on time you are also likely to feel happier and more energetic and enthusiastic when you interact with your child. And because of this – you will be less likely to lose your temper.

Make this small change. Eat when you are hungry. Don’t starve yourself because your child is not eating.

This small change will bring you big results.

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