How do children learn?


As parents we are eager to teach. We want to teach our children everything. And we want our children to learn everything as soon as possible.

Every minute that we are around our children – we are asking ourselves “What can I teach my child now?” and “What can I do to help my child learn faster?”

Fortunately for us – children are born eager learners. All we need to do to ensure that they learn quickly is – understand how they learn and teach them correctly.

To teach children correctly – it is important to remember that children learn in 3 different ways.

  1. Children learn by watching

Children are keen observers. They are constantly taking in everything they see and absorbing it and learning from it.

As parents it is important that we allow children to move around and see the world around them. Moving around changes the scene they see around them and keeps things interesting for them which ensures that they remain focused.

Don’t make your child sit and study.

Sitting in one place and looking at the same book becomes boring for them. When children sit in one place – they lose focus and are unable to learn effectively.

  1. Children learn by listening

Much before a child can read – he can already listen and understand. By talking to your child about the world around you – you can turn him into a rapid learner. When you talk to your child – it builds his vocabulary. When he begins to read then – the words seem familiar and he learns to spell and read much faster.

Don’t tell your child to sit quietly and study.

The easiest way to turn your child into a rapid learner is – to talk to your child – answer your child’s questions – and allow your child to talk to others.

  1. Children learn by doing

Every child has an intense desire to do everything himself. “I want to do it myself” is among the first things a child learns to say. And that is because he knows that the easiest way to learn something is to go ahead and do it and keep practicing until he learns to do it perfectly.

Every child first wants to do things that will make him independent – like feeding himself and putting on his clothes. It is only when he has mastered these skills does he get interested in doing what you want him to do – like reading and writing.

You cannot do everything for your child and ask him to read and write. If you do everything for your child, he will lose the motivation to do things himself.

When you teach your child – keep in mind the fact that he is not a miniature adult. His brain is not like your and so he cannot learn the way you do.


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