9 Ways To Increase Breastmilk Production

Last Update: 28 July 2019

It is not easy being a new Mom who is breastfeeding – because you are constantly wondering – how can I increase my breast milk production? So here 9 things you can do to increase breast milk production

Being responsible for your child’s daily needs is tough enough – and when being your child’s sole source of food gets added to it – it can cause tremendous stress.

As a dedicated and conscientious Mom – you want your child to have the right food. And you want to provide this food in adequate quantities. But – you discover – that since this food is Breast milk – there is nothing you can actually do to improve its quality or increase it quantity – and this inability to do something about something that is so important to you can make you extremely unhappy.

So is there something you can do to increase breast milk production? Fortunately there is. If you are a new mom who has very little time on your hands – you can check out our gallery post on how to increase breast milk production. Otherwise read on.

New Moms Should Know This About Breast Milk

Breast milk is a unique food that you produce for your baby

Your breast milk is made for your baby to satisfy his / her needs. Its quantity and quality is always just right for your baby. So it is never necessary to panic about the breast milk you are producing. If you have allowed nature to have its way and not used top feeds for your baby – rest assured that what you are producing is exactly what your baby needs

The quality and quantity of breast milk is different every day and is also different at different times of different days

The quantity changes as your baby grows and the amount produced by your breasts is always adequate for your baby.

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How Does Your Breast Milk Supply Match The Needs Of Your Baby?

Your Breastmilk is tailormade for your baby

Your Breastmilk is tailormade for your baby

The quality or composition of breast milk changes as your baby grows. So the milk your breasts produce for your newborn in the first week of life is completely different from the milk that is produced when your baby is 6 weeks old.

Your body automatically calculates the age of your baby depending on how long ago the placenta separated from the uterus – and changes the composition of breast milk accordingly.


The quantity of breast milk produced also changes as your baby grows. The quantity produced depends on the need of your baby. Your body produces as much milk as your baby requires. And this amount changes at every meal. The quantity also increases as your baby grows.

The entire system of production of breast milk is baby led and baby regulated and is one of the great wonders of nature

What Can You Do To Increase The Amount Of Breast Milk Being Produced?

Breast milk production is natural and inevitable in any Mom who has had a baby.

The mechanism of breast milk production does not require any help from you to operate. However, as an enthusiastic Mom you can still do somethings to make this work smoothly and efficiently.

Your most important role is to stay away from doing something to hamper the production of breast milk

However, because it is tough to feel satisfied with yourself if you are not doing something for your baby – so here are 9 things you can do

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9 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Breast Milk Production

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  1. Eat Right To Produce More Breast Milk

No Breastmilk without enough water

No Breastmilk without enough water

Breast milk is produced by your body. So the breast milk that you produce depends on what you have in your body and what you eat.

While there is very little that can be done about what you have in your body – you can make a difference by eating what is required to produce breast milk

Breast milk is a complete food for your baby. Which means that it has everything that the human body needs to function.

So breast milk contains – carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

Water forms the bulk of breast milk and is the vehicle in which the other nutrients are dissolved and transferred so drinking lots of water definitely helps in breast milk production.

Fats are also present in large quantities in breast milk. This fat however does not have to be eaten every day. During pregnancy the body stores enough fat in your body to ensure that you are able to produce breast milk and this is the fat that is used to produce breast   milk after your baby is born.

The other components like carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals make their way into your body through a balanced diet. It is best if the balanced diet is in the form of freshly prepared homemade meals

During breastfeeding however you may be hard pressed for time and energy and if you are unable to cook and eat a balanced diet – some supplementation in the form of nutritional drinks and vitamins prescribed by a doctor are acceptable.

2.  Do Not Panic When Your Baby Cries – Just Feed


More hunger produces more breastmlk

More hunger produces more breastmlk

The quantity of breast milk produced depends primarily on the requirement of the baby. The most effective way to increase breast milk production is to feed your baby whenever he/s he demands a feed

Babies demand by crying. So when your baby cries – just feed. Do not panic or doubt your ability to produce breast milk. Just put your baby to your breast and allow him to suckle. He will ensure that he gets your body to produce the milk that he needs


3. Do Not Supplement With Formula

Formula Feeds decrease the production of breastmilk

Formula Feeds decrease the production of breastmilk

If your baby is satisfied and full with formula milk – he will stop demanding breast milk. When there is no demand your breasts will reduce and ultimately stop producing breast milk

4. Pump A Little After You Have Finished A Feed

When you use the breast pump to pump out milk after you have finished a feed – it  tells your body that there is demand beyond what has been produced and delivered. With this demand filed away for reference – for the next feed – your body makes a little more breast milk.

5. Ensure Proper Latching

Empty your breast to produce more milk

Empty your breast to produce more milk

When you are feeding ensure that your baby has latched on properly. Suckling is the way your baby conveys to your body that it needs more milk. And suckling is effective only when your baby has latched on properly.

6. Nurse On Both Sides

Nurse on both sides. If you feed your baby at one breast at one feed – feed him at the other breast at the next feed. This ensures that both breasts produce milk and the supply is automatically doubled

7. Do Not Use Pacifier.

Bables have the ability to generate more milk for themselves

Bables have the ability to generate more milk for themselves

Suckling at the pacifier is wasted suckling. If your baby wants to suckle – suckle him at the breast. This will increase your breast milk supply. If your baby’s urge for suckling is satisfied by suckling at the pacifier – he will suckle less when he is put to the breast and less suckling will mean less breast milk production since suckling is the signal for the breasts to produce milk.

8. Wear The Right Bra

The size of the breasts change dramatically in the first few weeks after childbirth when the milk comes in. It is very important to wear the right sized bra at this time. Bras that are too tight can compress the ducts and obstruct milk outflow and cause various associated problems

9. Don’t Be Afraid To Request Privacy And Leisure

Successful breastfeeding depends to a large extent on the mother baby bond. Make building an intimate bond with your baby your priority. Socialize later when both of you are comfortable with each other.

If You Are A Breastfeeding Mom Remember This

Nature will ensure that you have the right kind of milk in the right quantity for your baby. All you need to do is relax and keep suckling. have faith in yourself. You are a great Mom!!

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