Nutrition tips for children during monsoon in India

The rainy season or the monsoon in India is a unique time of the year.

The weather conditions are special. It is wet and humid and germs and pests grow and thrive in this environment. And this makes it easier for them to attack us and cause diseases.

There are two ways to stay healthy during the monsoons.

  1. To prevent the germs and pests from growing – by keeping the environment clean
  2. To improve our immunity by eating food that helps the body fight against disease-causing organisms and pests

So what should children eat to stay healthy during the monsoons

  1. Fruits with Vitamin C or Citrus fruits. Vitamin C has the unique property of protecting the body from viral infections. A diet rich in Vitamin C can keep your child healthy.
  2. Before you feed your child anything – check for molds and fungus. During the rainy season – due to the high heat and humidity – it is party time for molds and fungi. Almost anything can have a layer of mold growing on it if it has been lying around for even a day. And food that has fungus growing on it can be poisonous to your child! Make sure all the food you feed your child is fresh. Check anything that is even a day old thoroughly to make sure there is no fungus growing on it
  3. Drink water that has been purified by some method. During the rainy season – often the water from leaky sewage pipes often mixes with the water that is supplied to houses for drinking purposes. This contaminated water can cause diseases like Hepatitis, Typhoid and other gastrointestinal infections. Purifying water before drinking it – is an easy way to stay safe from these infections.
  4. Wash hands before eating – While this should be the rule – no matter what the season, it is especially important during the rainy season. This is because everything that one touches is germ laden when it is wet and humid.
  5. Avoid fried foods. When it is wet and gloomy – it is tempting to eat fried food. This is because fried food elevates the mood and makes us happy. However, large quantities of fried food – eaten when the body is in confined spaces and doing very little physical activity – can cause indigestion. While eating a little bit of fried food can be great. Eating large quantities of fried food can actually make you very sick and unhappy in the long run.
  6. Wash Fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Fruits and vegetables are likely to be germ laden during the monsoon and so washing them thoroughly before eating is something we must adhere to – in order to stay healthy.
  7. Avoid raw salads. Because it is very difficult to clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly just by washing – it is important to ensure that germs are killed by cooking before eating foods. This is why it is important to avoid raw salads during the monsoons.

Staying healthy is easy if you prevent disease-causing germs from getting easy access to your child’s body. Eat healthy. Stay healthy.

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