Remember this when you offer your child junk food

What do you do when your child says “I don’t want to eat?” Do you immediately jump up and offer your child junk food?

If you have served her healthy food – do you immediately assume that she does not like healthy food?

And do you instantly replace the healthy food with junk food?

This may be the reason your child has begun to like junk food.

There are many reasons why children say that they don’t want to eat.

One of the most important reasons to keep in mind when a child refuses to eat a meal is that the child may simply not be hungry.

Hunger varies from day-to-day and meal to meal. It depends on how much or what the child has eaten at the previous meal, how much physical activity the child has had, what stage of the growth the child’s body is at and many other such factors.

If your child says she does not want to eat – don’t force her – she may just not be hungry.

Another common reason why children stop eating is when they are bored with the food. They may have been eating it for a long time and while it may be healthy and tasty and they may have liked it at first – they may have got tired of it And that may be a reason they refuse to eat it.

If your child stops eating one kind of healthy food – offer something else that is healthy and tasty. Don’t offer junk food.

Children may also not eat if they are not comfortable with a new food. It may be a taste that is unfamiliar or it may be food that is difficult to chew and swallow.

In such cases offer something else that is healthy and easier to eat.

Here is what a mom did when she was confronted with the problem of her child eating junk food.

Always remember that children don’t know what junk food tastes like – until we offer it to them. When they say they don’t want to eat – they are not asking for junk food. If they are hungry and if you offer them some other healthy food they will eat that – and if they are not hungry they will just skip the meal.

Allow your child to be your guide when you feed him.

Here is what you should do When you are upset because your child did not eat,never  feed your child to feel good?

don’t stay hungry until your child eats? and Never force your child to eat

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