Your child needs to play to stay healthy

A very common question that I encounter in my workshops is “Do children need to play to stay healthy?” and the answer is “Yes”

In the present day urban world it is often difficult for parents to allow their children to play. A lot of factors need to be taken into account before a child can be sent out to play. Open space needs to be available for the child to play in. The area should be safe. And then while children play they shouldn’t get injured. Ensuring all this is such a tough task that fewer children go down to play nowadays.

But naturally then – parents question the utility of play and whether it really has a role in keeping children mentally and physically healthy.

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But play is extremely important for a child and children just cannot do without play.

Play that involves a lot of physical activity definitely makes children healthier.

From the point of view of keeping children physically healthy – research is still on to determine the exact role of exercise in immunity. But it is know that exercise definitely does 3 things for the immune system.

  1. Exercise increases the oxygen supply to the lungs. More oxygen in circulation means that all the cells of the body including the immune cells get a better supply of oxygen and in the presence of oxygen – function better.
  2. Exercise also improves blood circulation. Improved blood circulation ensures that the immune cells can travel to every part of the body. Immune cells in every corner of the body ensures that every corner of the body stays safe from infection.
  3. Exercise also reduces stress which has a very positive effect on the immune system. The immune system functions better in the absence of stress.


3 ways in which Exercise improves Immunity

Play therefore is very good for children. Children who are active and play for several hours in open spaces are definitely less likely to fall sick. Encourage physical activity for better immunity.

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