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Dr Krishnaraj tells us how to prevent cavities

Dr Krishnaraj Ganeshnarayan is a renowned periodontist with the highest qualifications in dentistry that anyone can possibly have. He is BDS, MDS and also has a Ph.D from the Rutgers University USA.

Dr Krishnaraj is a Consultant Periodntist at Delta Dental Care which is owned and managed by his wife Dr Arundhati Krishnaraj. He is also professor at a reputed dental college and has worked extensively to bring about quality assurance in dental practice for NABH.

Dr Krishnaraj enjoys making complicated things in the dental sciences – simple and easy to understand and apply for his patients

Over to Dr Krishnaraj

Cavities are painful and no one wants cavities. So a question we get asked very often is –

“How can we prevent cavities?”

Preventing cavities is actually quite easy if we understand why teeth develop cavities

What happens when we eat food –

The food that is eaten when chewed properly forms what is called as a bolus and is then swallowed. But some particles of this food remain back in the mouth in nooks and crevices on the tooth, gum and tongue surfaces.

How do cavities happen?

The sugars present in the food that is stuck on the teeth gets broken down into acids by the bacteria present on the teeth and this acid starts to dissolve the tooth.

What can you do to prevent cavities?

  1. The first thing to do is to brush twice a day. Also definitely brush in the night because bacteria attack the teeth more during the night.
  2. Use a dental floss. Flossing allows you to clean parts of the teeth that are impossible to reach with a toothbrush
  3. Use a Fluoride toothpaste. Flouride strengthens the enamel covering of the tooth. And when the tooth is covered with a strong enamel layer – it is protected against bacteria.
  4. Visit a dentist regularly. A dentist can detect that cavities are beginning much before you can and prevent them.
  5. Eat cheese! Are you surprised? Don’t be. Cheese is actually very good for teeth.

So here you are 5 simple ways to prevent cavities. Follow them and stay safe from cavities.

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