Teach your preschooler to be quiet

Before your toddler begins school – teach your preschooler to be quiet.

Classroom activities even for preschoolers requires them to sit quietly for short periods of time and focus on the activity that they are doing.

Of course no preschool expects children to sit quietly for long periods of time but short periods of quiet and focussed activity is expected at every preschool.

Children are expected to be quiet for short periods of time while they are at preschool.

Unfortunately however a lot of children do not know how to keep quiet when they come to pre-school. A lot of parents never teach their children how to keep quiet at home and so when they start preschool they are unable to keep quiet even for a short while.

So it’s not the child’s fault that he is unable to keep quiet.

You can understand this easily if you think about it like this –

Right from the time the child is born he is the centre of everybody’s attention.

Every adult who comes in contact with him is constantly doing some boisterous activity or the other to entertain him and in return he is supposed to jump around and do various boisterous and noisy things in order to entertain the adults around him.

So, by the time your pre-schooler gets to school he is in the habit of being the clown or the entertainer of adults all the time.

But racing around the class when he is supposed to sit quietly or making noise when he is supposed to keep quiet is certainly not acceptable in the preschool classroom and makes him very unpopular there.

So the same behaviour that makes him really popular at home makes him extremely unpopular with his teachers in school.

Poor kid it is unimaginably confusing for him.

If your child is starting preschool – save him from this confusion by teaching him the value of quiet companionable silence.

Let him understand that two people can sit together and do their own activity without being noisy and entertaining each other all the time.

So if you work at the dining table with your child at two different activities that can teach your child a lot.

Also visiting a place of worship where decorous behaviour and quiet and hushed whispers are the norm for a short while can teach your child a lot about being quiet and appreciating silence.

Pre-school is your child’s first encounter with the outside world. It is your responsibility to do all you can to make this encounter pleasant for your child.

Make sure that you teach your child the value of quiet and silence before your child goes to preschool.

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