Weekly Menu For An Indian Family With All Recipes

The most difficult question that needs to be answered every day is “What should I cook today?”

And this Weekly Menu for an Indian Family – created keeping in mind the fussy urban preferences of the children (and adults) of the family – can bring a quick end to the stress caused by this ever-present question.

Weekly Menu For An Indian Family

This menu is designed by Simran Oberoi Multani with nutritional and parenting inputs from Dr Debmita Dutta

In the menu – each day has  one or two key ingredients that have a high nutritional quotient.

These ingredients are mixed and matched throughout the day to create dishes from different cuisines at breakfast – lunch and dinner.

This has two advantages –

    1. It minimizes the amount of cooking you need to do, Since you are using the same ingredient – you need to cook less and that means you spend less time in the kitchen.
    2. Children don’t get bored with eating the same dal-roti-sabji because you are combining the ingredients in a mix and match and making dishes from different cuisines without putting in too much effort. This means that there are no tantrums for junk food and eating out – because there is so much variety at home.

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indian weekly meal plan

Indian Weekly Meal Plan

Click on the link below for a free download of the weekly menu and recipes

Free download of #cookhealthymealseveryday menu and recipes

Write to us on ask.drdutta@gmail.com for a printed copy of the menu and recipes

Features of the Weekly menu

  1. In the menu the carbohydrate source changes from meal to meal and from day-to-day. Different millets and healthy flours are used so that the diet does not become restrictive by using only rice and wheat as the carbohydrates
  2. The menu does not use refined flour (maida), sugar or trans fats
  3. A variety of vegetarian sources of protein are included in the diet
  4. Several healthy fats are used in small amounts through the day so that the body can reap the benefits of all the fat sources and stay free of the adverse effects

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customised healthy indian weekly meal plan

Customised healthy Indian weekly meal plan

Menu for Monday

The menu for Monday includes

Breakfast – Poha with peanuts

10 am snack – Banana walnut muffins

Lunch – Moong masoor dal with bhindi and Whole Wheat Roti / Brown rice

Lunch box – Dal paratha

Evening snack – Fruit smoothie

Dinner – Baked Lentil casserole

Run the slide show to see the details of the recipes in the Monday Menu

Menu for Tuesday

The menu for Tuesday includes

Breakfast – Idly with Peanut chutney

10 am snack – Baked veggie chips (using sweet potato, spinach, Beetroot and potato slices)

Lunch – Black chana curry, with  mixed vegetable stir fry and jowar chappati

Lunchbox – Mixed veg cheese calzone

Evening snack – Date oats nuts bar

Dinner – Black chana broccoli whole wheat burgers

Run the slide show to see the details of the recipes in the Tuesday Menu

Menu for Wednesday

The menu for Wednesday includes

Breakfast – Laal saag paratha

10 am snack – Apple cinnamon whole wheat muffin with Almonds and seeds

Lunch – Rajma curry, Laal saag coconut stir fry

Lunch box – Mixed vegetable sandwich

Evening snack – Baked spiced Makhanas

Dinner – Whole wheat Quesadilla wrap

Run the slide show to see the details of the recipes in the Wednesday Menu

Menu for Thursday

The menu for Thursday includes –

Breakfast – Sooji Upma with peanuts

10 am snack – Buckwheat crepes with banana filling

Lunch box – Arbi (colocasia) and quinoa tikkis

Lunch – Tuvar Dal Sambhar, Palak kodo millet rice, Arbi stir fry

Evening snack – Baked mint flavoured baby potatoes and carrots

Dinner – Spinach whole wheat pasta

Run the slide show to see the details of the recipes in the Thursday Menu

Menu for Friday

The menu for Friday includes

Breakfast – Dal chilla

10 am snack – Fruit salad with seasonal fruits, nuts and seeds

Lunch box – Paneer sandwich

Lunch – Mixed lentils dal with whole wheat ragi roti

Evening snack – Baked nippattu

Dinner – Keema and dal kebab with Biryani

Run the slide show to see details of the recipes

Menu for Saturday

The menu for Saturday includes

Breakfast – Omelet with broccoli/spinach and toast

10 am snack – Fig Almond laddoo

Lunch box – Broccoli and chickpea cutlet

Lunch – Chickpea with tomato quinoa

Evening snack – Healthy quinoa brownies

Dinner – Baked Methi Quinoa Amaranth Khakra

Run the slideshow to see details of the recipes

Menu for Sunday

The menu for Sunday includes

Breakfast – Stuffed paratha

10 am snack – Savoury oats muffin

Lunch box – Paneer cutlet

Lunch – Paneer in cashew and almond gravy

Evening snack – Steamed corn

Dinner – Egg in almond and cashew gravy

Run the slideshow to see details of the recipes


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