What To Do When You Don’t Have Breast Milk

What to do when you don’t have breast milk?

Did you wish you knew the answer to that question?

Well – here is the answer. Here is what you should do.

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Let me start explaining this by making two contradictory statements

The first statement is. “Almost every mom will produce breast milk. Not being able to produce breast milk is an extremely rare condition”

And the second statement is “Almost every mom will at some point not be able to produce breast milk”

Now if you are confused – which I am sure you are – let me explain this further.

Breast milk is natural food for the baby. When nature creates a baby – it also ensures that the baby will be well fed at all times. So – nature arranges for the placenta to feed the baby when the baby is in the womb. And nature arranges for the breasts to produce breast milk after the baby is born. This explains my first statement – which is – that if you have carried a baby and given birth – you will have breast milk.

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 It is important however to understand that during the first 4-5 days after birth – there will be no milk. This is because at this time – the breasts are producing colostrum and not breast milk. While colostrum is the best food for the baby in the first 4-5 days – it is important to understand that it does not look at all like milk and may be so small in quantity that it may not be visible either. This can lead to you imagining that your worst fears have come true and you don’t have breast milk – but don’t panic.

Feed your baby colostrum in the first few days. It is what your baby needs. The quantity that is produced is also more than enough for your baby. The milk will come in – when your baby needs it.

So the answer to the question – what to do when you don’t have breast milk is – have faith in the magic of nature and keep suckling your baby

Read more on WHO recommendations on colostrum here

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