Which is the best toothbrush? By Dr Krishnaraj from Delta Dental Care

Dr Krishnaraj Ganeshnarayan is a renowned periodontist with the highest qualifications in dentistry that anyone can possibly have. He is BDS, MDS and also has a Ph.D from the Rutgers University USA.

Dr Krishnaraj is a Consultant Periodntist at Delta Dental Care which is owned and managed by his wife Dr Arundati Krishnaraj. He is also professor at a reputed dental college and has worked extensively to bring about quality assurance in dental practice for NABH.

Dr Krishnaraj enjoys making complicated things in the dental sciences – simple and easy to understand and apply for his patients

In this article he tells us how to choose the best toothbrush for a child.

Over to Dr Krishnaraj

A routine question we encounter on a daily basis is, “Doctor, how do I choose the best toothbrush for my child?

It is a very relevant question which deserves an equally relevant answer.

The answer of course is not very simple, but let me tell you one thing upfront – when you are choosing a toothbrush – the purpose of the entire exercise is to keep your teeth healthy and clean – so firstly please brush twice daily.

When choosing toothbrushes – most people are aware that brush come is super-soft, soft, medium and sometimes hard as well. All this terminology actually indicates the thickness of the bristles in the toothbrush. Generally, the thicker the bristle, the harder is the toothbrush.

We generally recommend a soft to a medium brush for all patients including kids.

There are three main things that determine how effective a toothbrush will be –

  • The technique of brushing: A vertical scrub technique is the most preferred for adults and a circular motion for children is preferred
  • The duration of brushing: Following the right technique and covering all surfaces f the teeth require at least 3 minutes of brushing in front of the mirror
  • Replacement of a toothbrush: toothbrushes on an average need to be replaced every 3 months. When using the right pressure, the bristles tend to fray after 3 months. If it frays earlier, you are either using too much force or in an abnormal direction. If it doesn’t fray even after 3 months, maybe you are not using enough pressure.

So choose a good toothbrush and ensure that your child brushes correctly to ensure that his teeth stay healthy.

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