Avocado Ice Cream – A Healthy Ice Cream

Ice cream is delicious and all children love it. Why only children? Adults love ice cream too. But the love of ice cream is a love that is difficult to admit and indulge – because for people who want to eat healthy – it is hard to pin point the nutritional advantages of eating ice cream.

But here comes a healthy ice cream that can be eaten without guilt.

Ice cream is also classically rather difficult to make and requires a lot of churning. Avocado ice cream however unlike dairy ice creams – is very easy to make.

And then this is an ice cream that is dairy free. So if you have a child (or anyone else in the family) who is allergic to milk – this is the recipe for you!

Avocado Ice Cream – it is every parent’s dream come true

Avocado Ice Cream – by Malavika Shenoy

Ingredients and Nutritional values

Ingredients Quantity Nutritional value/100g
Avocado 2 nos 160 cal
Honey /Sugar 100g 304 cal
Lemon juice 1 tsp 2cal /7g


  1. Remove the seed in the avocado and scoop its flesh out.
  2. In a mixer grind the avocado flesh, sugar/honey and lemon juice until it’s a smooth paste.
  3. Place in any container of your choice and freeze for 5 hrs.
  4. Your ice cream is ready. Serve it with mixed fruit salad and roasted nuts.


If you are adding honey add it gradually in small amounts and taste it as you go because it can make the ice cream too sweet. Start with very little honey, taste and add more if required later.

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