How to bring up a creative child


How to bring up a creative child? Before you start looking for the answer to that question – you may ask – “Why is it important to bring up a creative child?”

And the answer to that question is – it is important to bring up a creative child because those who can think “out of the box” will eventually succeed in life

What does that mean?

It means that those who can think differently, those who can think creatively in every situation, are the ones who will be able to make the best of every circumstance.

Is creativity an in-born trait? To some extent – “Yes”

But creativity can also be created with careful nurturing. And creativity can be killed with careless care giving.

As parents we must constantly endeavor to nurture creativity and steer clear of stamping it out of our children.

Do you want to know what you can do to nurture creativity in your child?

Niharika Shenoy – one of the most creative people on the What Parents Ask team gives you the answers

niharika shenoy - creative head at www.whatparentsask.com

Niharika Shenoy – Creative Head at www.whatparentsask.com

This is what you can do to raise a creative child

  1. Encourage your child to ask questions

    When children ask questions – it helps them to think and connect the information that they have – to create a complete picture. Bernard Baruch said – “Millions saw the apple fall – but only Newton asked why”. Asking – questioning and not resting until you find the answer is the secret to great success

  2. Look for answers together

    There can be so many ways of looking at a problem and so many ways to find answers. There can also be so many answers to a given questions. When you look for answers with your child – you enable him to see different points of view. You encourage him to think creatively and approach the same problem from different angles. From some angles – problems may not look like problems at all.

  3. Let him experiment

    When you experiment and explore wonderful possibilities emerge. No one knows which experiment will lead to a new invention. Do you want your child to use what other people invent forever – or do you want him to invent and innovate himself? Have the courage to allow your child to experiment. You never know what the next experiment will bring out.

  4. Allow time for unstructured play

    Give your child time for unstructured play. Unstructured play time gives children a sense of freedom. Only when children are free – when they do not have to adhere to routines and be answerable for every moment of their time can they be creative.

  5. Allow him to make mistakes

    James Joyce said – “Mistakes are the portals of discovery”. Most things that we value today were discovered by mistake. The microwave was invented by accident. The discovery of the antibiotic Penicillin was the result of a mistake. Tell your child that making mistakes is a good thing. Teach him how to learn from mistakes. Never punish him for making a mistake

  6. Allow him to get bored

    When children are bored – they are compelled to use their imagination to overcome boredom. The impetus for a child to use his imagination – is the first and most crucial step towards creativity. If you have taught your child how to use his imagination, you have bought him his ticket to success

  7. Let him daydream

    Day dreaming is not a waste of time. Daydreaming can give your child surprising insights into problems. You need to dream up the solution – you need to solve the problem in your dreams before you can solve the problems in reality.

  8. Give him lots of experiences

    If you want to gift your child something – gift him experiences by the dozen. Let him have all kinds of experiences – good and bad. Every experience will enrich him. They will improve his world view and spark unlimited ideas.


Creativity is crucial.

Creativity helps children to adapt better to new situations – to achieve goals and be successful

So encourage kids to be creative – let them think. Make room for their unlimited imagination. That is the way to pave their path to success.

This article was written by Niharika Shenoy. Niharika is a graphic designer, content writer and a trained counselor. She is also a visual artist. Niharika is the creative head at What Parents Ask. It is her passion to make information fun and engaging.

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