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Preschool – help your child to enjoy it

preschool - help your child enjoy it

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Preschool – help your child to enjoy it

Preschool – help your child to enjoy it

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When children start preschool as parents we are just hoping and praying that our children will be really happy in preschool.

We are waiting for our child to come running out of school every day with a big smile and a whole bunch of fun stories to tell us. Unfortunately though a lot of parents just keep waiting for that day because a lot of children end up not liking the preschool experience at all. Now when children don’t like preschool parents usually blame the school and say there is something wrong with the school but it’s usually not the school’s fault. What is at fault in most of these cases is excessively loving parenting.

So this is what parents need to understand about preschool. Your child needs three qualities to be happy and successful in preschool.

Quality number 1 –

He must have the confidence to attempt something even if he knows he is going to fail at it.

Quality number 2 –

He must persist at the task even if he fails at it.

And quality number 3 –

He must not be crushed by criticism.

In other words he should enjoy challenges and he should not be afraid of failure because preschool is whole new world of challenges for your child.

Now when parents love their child too much they never allow these 3 qualities to develop because they never allow their child to take up challenges and to encounter failure. They always rush in as soon as they find their child faltering or failing at anything  and in this way they abort the process of learning which comes only after failure.

Children get used to being handed success on a platter and they just cannot imagine not succeeding at something the very first time and that keeps them from taking up challenges in preschool. They don’t understand that they must persist in spite of failure and regardless of criticism. If you want your child to enjoy preschool encourage him to try new things. Keep saying “Try it. If you keep trying you will surely get it.”

That is the one mantra that will help your child move ahead happily in preschool.

Try it. It will make the preschool experience happier for you and your child.

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