What should I do when my baby cries?


“What should I do when my baby cries?” is a question every mother is always asking.

Carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth to it – is such a joyous experience! Finally being able to hold the baby that you have always dreamed of – should mean that the house is filled with smiles and laughter but it isn’t.

The joy of having a baby in the house is usually marred by the sound of the baby crying,

The sound of a baby crying is absolutely unbearable. It makes you desperate – makes you want to do something – anything – to make the crying stop.

The sound of a baby crying can cause terrible panic. But it is important to remember not to panic.

When your baby begins to cry – before you imagine the worst and think there is something terribly wrong with your baby – pick your baby up and start nursing.

Hunger is the commonest reason for a baby’s crying and it is the first thing you must try to eliminate when you are trying to soothe a crying baby.

One of the biggest blockades to soothing a crying baby with nursing – is the assumption by most mothers that they don’t have enough breast milk to satisfy the needs of the baby. That assumption however – in 99% cases is perfectly untrue.

Here are some facts about breast milk production –

Every mother is capable of producing exactly as much milk as her baby needs

Suckling is the signal for the breasts to produce more milk. Even if you feel that there is no milk – allow your baby to suckle. Suckling will push your breasts to produce milk.

Nature endows all babies with the ability to generate milk for themselves. Nature ensures that no baby ever goes hungry.

So when you want to answer the question – what should I do when my baby cries? Just pick up your baby – have faith and keep nursing.

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